Nobody else wanted this username

aka Logan

  • I live in Somewhere Beyond The Sea
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is Being 'That Guy'
  • I am Alive
  • Villains Alliance" (Scott Noah Damo Scar Iz and Max)

* "Love Triangle" (Shawn Bridge Izzy) * "Spirit Seekers" (Gwen Dawn) * "Prison Buddies" (Scar Beth Rick) * "Amy Scheme Team" (Amy Rick Vivian) * "The Honest Couple" (Jack and Brick) * "Alone but with you" (Harold and Eva * "Undergoing Issues" (Dakota and Tyler)

Joah (Jo x Noah) Harva (Harold x Eva) Ramy (Rick x Amy) Zody (Zoey x Cody) Brawn (Bridge and Shawn) Izawn (Izzy and Shawn) Dakyler (Dakota and Tyler Broken up)

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